FAQ for Partners

How do I partner with Health CareeRx Academy?

Contact Nordia Savage, Health CareeRx Academy Director, at (203)930-1638 or to discuss potential partnership requests.

How do I submit for Payment?

Submit completed invoice and applicable report to the Health CareeRx Academy Director for verification and approval. After the information is verified, the signed invoice is submitted to Finance for processing.

Click here, for a sample invoice 

What is the turnaround time to receive payment?

Generally, within 30 days from receipt of the invoice.

When are reports due for each contract?

Reports are due at the conclusion of the respective service month.

How do I submit a change in scope?

Contact the Health CareeRx Academy Director to discuss any potential changes. After both parties are in agreement, the information is submitted to the Director of Compliance, who will then complete a revised draft of the proposed changes. The revised draft is then submitted to the funder for further approval.  Once the funder has approved the requested changes, the Director of Compliance will contact you to execute the new contract with the revised scope.

Please note: Some changes take longer to approve and may require a longer turn-around time.

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